Make Money Selling AI Art 2023

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AI Business Idea

There are a ton of different stores out there that sell art as digital products.

Just check this store or this store.

You just sell the digital art as a digital download and then people can print out the art themselves.

Well, now you can generate this art using AI and do this yourself. 

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Creating AI Art

There are different AI tools that allow you to create AI art. Check the Image Generator post

Most of these tools will allow you to just add some text and will automatically generate images for you.

Here is what I got by putting in ‘minimalist hipster pug’

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Editing AI Art

Once you have your image generated you want to add it to an image editing software such as Canva.

You can delete the background from the main image, so the you can apply any background you want.

You ca also them add text or even combine multiple images together.

This basically allows you to create a ton of different ad more interesting variations from same few assets.

You can also use Canva to put your images in different canvas to make it look a bit more presentable when selling.

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Creating AI Art Store 

You have a few different options how to create a store, you can do what I mentioned in examples above and create Etsy store. 

You can tap into their existing audience, however it does come with some cons, as you don’t actually own your store.

And if one day etsy decided to close your store for no reason(has happened to me before), then there is nothing you can do…

Other option is to open a store using some ecommerce platform like Shopify.

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Other Monetization Options

I do love digital products, if you are interested, I have a whole playlist starting a digital product business.

But what you can also do with this AI digital art that you have generated is print on demand.

You can use Printful or Printify to simply add your AI art on different products and get it dropshippied for you. 

You don’t need to do anything, as these softwares take take or the production and shipping.

You can also easily integrated these with Etsy or Shopify.

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Scaling AI Art Business

The nice thing about this AI business idea is that it’s very simple, meaning you can easily outsource it.

The making of AI art, creating variations, listing products and so on…

I usually hire most of my people via OnlinejobsPH (it’s 1 time fee and then you don’t need to pay recurring 20% fees like the other platforms).

But you can also, use Upwork, Freelancer or Fiverr.

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How I Would Go About It

I would try to focus on one specific niche and establish myself as a go to place for it.

Let’s say as in the previous example, ‘pug lovers’. There are a lot of people that absolutely love pugs.

Create a store with digital products and print on demad just for bugs and work with influencers, target paid media towards pug lovers.

 From there you can always expand more.