Business Ideas Using AI Tools 2023

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Long-form to Short Form Agency

πŸ€” ProblemΒ 

People are paying thousands of dollars to editor to watch their long form videos, find the best parts and then cut them into short clips.

πŸ† Business Opportunity

There is a Pictory AI tool that can automatically detect all of the best parts from a long video and cut it with just two clicks.

These clip agencies are some of the fastest growing agencies and now you can do this way faster using AI.

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Ghostwriting Agency

πŸ€” ProblemΒ 

Most people don’t have time or know how to write highly engaging content

πŸ† Business Opportunity

There are AI tools likeΒ TweethunterΒ that give you suggestions and correct your language

Making creating viral content 10 times easier

Use one of these AI tools and create a ghostwriting agency for social media

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Summarizing Meetings Using AI

πŸ€” ProblemΒ 

Most People don’t really have the time to recap their meetings and figure out what’s important

πŸ† Business Opportunity

Imagine if you could get all of the notes from your 1-hour meeting summarized with the most important things highlighted

Well, there is Fireflies tool that allows you to do that and much more

The tool already transcribes the whole conversation and finds topics talked about, dates mentioned, and so on…

So, you could take this data and organize it for people in a way that is customized for what they really want

Because you are using AI to do this, this will take 10 times less time then if you were doing it manually

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Explainer Videos For Companies

πŸ€” ProblemΒ 

Most people don’t want to me on camera and hiring an actor for explainer videos can be costlyΒ 

πŸ† Business Opportunity

However, you can use software like Elai to create realistic-looking videos with human avatars

The nice thing here is that you can see on the company website whether they have or don’t have explainer videos

So, you can just outreach to all of the companies that don’t have explainer videos and sell it to them

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AI Generated Blog

πŸ€” ProblemΒ 

Writing blog posts takes a lot of time and resources

πŸ† Business Opportunity

There are tools like Writesonic or Jasper that have been specifically built to write blog posts

You ca use these tools to literally generated hundreds if not thousands of articles in a specific niche

⚑ There is a caveat

However, google might be able to detect AI generated content

So, make sure that you use the right prompts, rephrasing tools and edit the text with human touch

Then once you start ranking you can sell digital products, do affiliate marketing or whatever else

07 |

Text To Video

πŸ€” ProblemΒ 

Having text written articles, but not having time to convert them to audio or video format

πŸ† Business Opportunity

I am actually going to tell you a few different ways you can use this method

#1 Put text into an AI tool that will generate audio from that text

#2 Let the AI software match images according to the text

If you want you can even add trackable subtitles to increase the video retention

You can use these videos to run a faceless youtube channel, create social media content for people, sell explainer videos and so on…

08 |

AI Emails + Email sequences

πŸ€” ProblemΒ 

Not having time or skills to create emaill sequences and write emails

πŸ† Business Opportunity

Probably one of the best AI use cases right now is writing emails and you can create a service for this without any skills

  1. Buy an email sequence pack or put it together yourself
  2. Use an AI tool that specifies in email writing
  3. Put in product/companies information
  4. Let AI generate high converting emails

Now you have a profitable email marketing machine that you can sell to companies

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