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Best AI text to speech tools in General

Murf AI

AI enabled, real people’s voices
Make studio-quality voice overs in minutes. Use Murfโ€™s lifelike AI voices for podcasts, videos, and all your professional presentations.

A voice maker that allows you to upload your creatives and sync it with the voice of your choice.


Improve your reading efficiency by using the leading text-to-speech reader to listen to any type of text, including documents, articles, and emails with high-quality AI voices that can read up to 9 times faster than the average reading speed.

๐ŸŽตย Best for Soundtrack

Best AI text to speech tools for Soundtrack


An Artificial Intelligence that helps game developers and composers create emotional soundtrack music for their projects, regardless of their level of expertise in music.

With AIVA, they can create compelling themes faster and more efficiently than ever before.


The music you’ve been searching for generated in seconds. Effortlessly create a soundtrack of the perfect length, mood and style.

It instantly generates tracks perfectly tailored to your content on any platform. Royalty-free background music for YouTube, TikTok, & podcasts!


The world’s best virtual music festival combines music and gameplay in fun new ways, allowing everyone to feel like a star by using our AI instrument to perform on stage and interact with live audiences.

๐Ÿ“šย Best for Audiobooks

Best AI text to speech tools for Audiobooks

Apple Books

Audiobooks narrated by a text-to-speech AI are now available via Appleโ€™s Books where they list two available digital voices: Madison and Jackson.

Lets you lose yourself in the best books and audiobooks.. You will find best sellers, classics, up-and-coming authors and more.

Ask My Book

Sahil Lavingia, founder of Gumroad, has created Ask My Book, an AI experiment aimed at making his book more accessible.

You can ask a question and get an answer in Sahil’s voice.

๐Ÿ—ฃ Others

Others AI text to speech tools


Revolutionize how you present your work with an AI chatbot that offers interactive previews, giving your audience a chance to experience your content before purchasing, and leaving static samples behind. Experience a new way to immerse yourself in the sales and preview process.


Create conversational AI characters and speech-based games with our user-friendly APIs for speech recognition, language understanding, generation, and text-to-speech. Design your own games and speech-enabled applications using our conversational AI character.


Transform any text into an audio file instantly, with a natural-sounding human voice in over 140 languages, allowing you to listen to your articles without limitations.


Empower your creative projects with customizable and realistic AI voices that you can easily direct for various applications such as video games, dubbing and post-production.

Choose from a range of existing voices or clone your own in just seconds.

Ad Auris

Easily listen to articles by creating a playlist on popular podcast platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

Customize the sound of your stories by creating a universal sound or by having a unique sound for each of your publication verticals.

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