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Best AI fun tools in General

Talk To Books

Browse passages from books using experimental AI. Use this demo as a creativity tool to explore ideas and discover books by getting quotes that respond to your queries.

Speaking to it in sentences will often get better results than keywords. Try our sample queries then try your own.

Hello History

With Hello History, you can travel back in time and have one-on-one chat conversations with some of the most influential historical figures of all time.

Immerse yourself in the minds of the greats and gain new insights and perspectives on life, history, and the world around us with the help of AI chat.

🎶 Best for Music Contents

Best AI fun tools for Music Contents


Chatbots for your favorite content. An AI-powered assistant for interacting with your favorite podcasts, YouTube channels, and more.

Turn any YouTube playlist into an AI-powered chatbot in less than 5 minutes. Ask questions, find exact moments, and more.


Search engines built for creators. We make your content searchable.

Semantic search engine for your YouTube and podcast content. Search for a phrase, idea, or question. We’ll point you to the exact timestamp and video(s) where this is mentioned. Lightning fast.


The best app for making playlists on Spotify and Apple Music. Create playlists from AI prompts, images, videos, and your most-listened-to music.

PlaylistAI will take the artist names out of your image and turn them into a playlist!

🖥️ Best for Photo Editing

Best AI fun tools for Photo Editing


Restore your old face photos and keep the memories alive. Can use on Windows and Mac PCs.

Restoring old photos using AI for everyone. Have old and blurry face photos? Let our AI restore them so those memories can live on. 100% free – restore your photos today.


An app where you can swap faces in the videos, GIFs and memes with just one selfie (available on iOS & Android).

Their AI Avatar feature allows the creation of high-quality artwork-like portraits. Get 48 unique artworks with yourself in various art styles — from superheroes to cyberpunk.

👾 Best for Avatar Creation

Best AI fun tools for Avatar Creation


Get 50 anime arts with you as the main hero. From own photos into anime characters of Attack On Titans, Naruto, Evangelion, Cyberpunk and Demon Slayer.

AI will need some time to learn on your photos to give precise and beautiful arts. Then we will email you results!

Neural Canvas

Create your own AI-generated comic! Our AI powered digital illustration generator allows anyone to create an e-book with 100 unique Illustrations in different styles.

A digital illustration generator service  for your comic, blogpost, e-book, story, collections, and more.

🤡 Others

Others AI fun tools


Welcome to Explain Like I’m Five (ELI5)!

We know that you’re probably too incompetent to understand anything without oversimplification, so we’re here to help {sarcasm-on}. Our mission is to dumb down complex topics so that even a child could understand them. Learning can be fun!


A fun app that converts movie names to their corresponding emojis!

Unreal Meal

A chef specializing in fusion cuisine.

None of the meals you see on this page have ever existed.  A collection of AI-generated images of meals that don’t exist. You can use these images for a variety of purposes, such as in the development of new recipes or as part of a creative project.

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